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Woman picking horopito from plantation in Golden Bay, New Zealand

Our world

The story begins with research into the anti-fungal properties of New Zealand's indigenous herb, Horopito. Forest Herbs Research discovered that Horopito, a rainforest dweller for 65 millions years, had developed a unique bio-active compound that helps the plant ward of fungal attacks in its damp, forest habitat.  

Peter Butler, the founder of Forest Herbs Research Ltd, has dedicated his life
to studying and growing Horopito in Golden Bay, New Zealand



The Kolorex plantation, set in a temperate rain forest adjacent to a million acres of pristine National Park.

Nature Knows Best

To date more than 30 years of R&D has gone into sustainably growing a potent form of Horopito and learning how to extract it's bio-active compound Polygodial.

We transform nature's wisdom into the Kolorex women and men's intimate care collection, derma range and gut care products.

The Kolorex collection adheres to the highest standards of what is truly natural. The product range contains no parabens, mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances or SLS/SLES. Instead, Kolorex uses a natural Vitamin E preservative system.

Horopito plant

our eco warrior

horopito fights back

The leaf colouration shows the Polygodial, the herb's bio-active ingredient, being sent by the plant to fight a fungal attack or insect attack.