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    Kolorex has your skin needs covered with our natural herbal Horopito derma care range. We've unlocked the science and efficacy of bioactive Horopito, and combined it with other natural ingredients, to gently support, nourish and restore your skin, from lips to feet.
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    “I need to thank you for the introduction to horopito and for your amazing products, I recently became unwell and have experienced a harrowing journey which included a period battling candida in my bowel and on my skin. Your products changed my life and have helped so much to bring back my good health.”

    – Jared

    “Brilliant fast working product! I have had increasing digestive problems during the past few years and after reading the in depth overview as well as the reviews I decided to give it a go. Within a few days I noticed a huge change in my health and well being. I am now feeling so much better and am able to eat the foods that I had thought I wouldn’t be able to eat any more. Fantastic!”


    – Sheryl

    “I have used Kolorex for years and it has helped me clear up candida, (bloating, sugar cravings and vaginal thrush.) It is such a good product I have recommended it, and bought it for others.”

    – Rachel
    New Zealand