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Australian Women's Health

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Erin Barnett

“We need to shift our thinking around traditionally ‘taboo’ subjects & embrace our bodies! Erin Barnett partners with Kolorex to launch the #LoveYourLadyBits campaign which is empowering women to talk about our vaginal health, loud & proud!”

Influencer referencing Kolorex products

Kath Ebbs

“It’s time to take our vagina health seriously and look after this sacred space with Kolorex Vaginal Care range.

Influencer referencing Kolorex products

Alex Lyons

“Many things like heat, sweat, non breathable fibres and stress can upset the natural balance of your vagina’s microflora and using Kolorex Intimate Wash and Intimate Cream can help to restore that balance leaving you feeling fresh and confident 👌🏽”