The Kolorex 3-step Intimate Care Routine to comfort and confidence

The Kolorex 3-step Intimate Care Routine to comfort and confidence

At Kolorex we love to have open & informative conversations about intimate health for both men and women!

Our 3-step routine will give you the tools to keep free of infection, remain balanced and feel confident with your intimate health. Think of your intimate care routine as an opportunity to build more pleasure into your life, take control of your sexual health, plus maintain your overall wellbeing!

Our intimate areas hardly ever see the light of day which creates a moist and warm environment that’s perfect for unwanted fungus and bacteria to thrive, leading to irritation and discomfort. 

So, we’ve come up with the perfect three-step routine for keeping sneaky infections at bay using bio-active Horopito products that are nourishing and natural for your most sensitive areas. Ultimately offering comfort and assurance with your intimate health. 


Keeping our intimates clean and fresh with a natural herbal wash designed especially for sensitive areas is the first step! Our intimate areas deal with a lot throughout each day: sweat, urine, hair growth and for some menstruation and semen leakage.

The trick is to cleanse and refresh whilst also supporting the natural balance of good bacteria and the skin’s acid mantle. Looking for a plant-powered and pH-balanced wash that supports the skin’s protective antimicrobial barrier is vital. This acid mantle on the skin is the first, natural line of defence for both men and women, helping to reduce inflammation and permeability of the skin.  

Maintaining the pH balance and microbiota of your intimate areas actually helps your body naturally do its job of fighting off unwanted fungus and bacteria, which can cause itching and irritation. 

Here’s what to look for in a daily intimate wash product:

  • pH balanced –a product that is formulated to be mildly acidic – around pH 4.5, helping to keep your local microflora in balance, to fend off unhealthy fungus and bacteria.
  • soap-free – soap bars and body washes can be abrasive to the acid mantle and often have a more alkaline pH not suitable for intimate areas.
  • plant-powered – natural herbs can assist in cleansing, soothing and protecting your intimate areas. We love potent horopito to keep opportunistic yeasts and bacteria in balance and soothing aloe vera to nurture your delicate skin. 
  • formulated for everyday use – this is important because your intimate areas are sensitive, and we want to gently cleanse the area. Choose a gentle wash that is dermatologically approved for all skin types that you can use each day. The Kolorex Horopito Wash and Vaginal Care Wash are great for everyday use in your Intimate Care Routine

TIP: Cleansing is an important part of your intimate care routine, however, over cleansing can strip away the skin’s protective acid mantle. Apply a small amount, gently cleanse and rinse well with water. 


Not only do we want to cleanse with an intimate wash, but we also want to restore and soothe our skin, especially when experiencing itching and irritation. 

Building on the three-step routine, Step 2 is to apply Horopito cream on a daily basis after cleansing, to give the skin long-lasting moisture whilst supporting the natural microbiome balance.

Once again, it’s important to look for a formulation that is pH balanced and plant-powered to optimize the local microflora’s defence against sneaky overgrowth. 

This is why we love bio-active horopito to help relieve itching and irritation. Horopito calms the skin when under stress, particularly in damp, moist skin folds that are sensitive to yeast and bacteria overgrowth. We also love cooling aloe vera, antioxidant-rich apricot kernel oil and nourishing vitamin E; all of these natural ingredients provide moisture and protection and can help soothe irritation. 

Tip: apply Horopito cream after your daily cleanse, to keep your skin soft, elastic and supple. Your intimates will love you for it! 


We can’t talk about intimate health without including our gut health. Our intimate wellbeing and overall health are intricacy linked. In fact, the beneficial bacteria from the gut and genital tract microbiome are in continuous communication with each other. 

The gut microbiome can act as a reservoir for pathogens like opportunistic candida which can then contribute to overgrowth and irritation in our intimate areas and reduce our overall vitality. 

Step 3 in the Kolorex Intimate Care Routine is to use bio-active Horopito to balance your intimate health from within. Horopito has developed a unique ability for thriving in damp, dark conditions of NZ rainforests - conditions very similar to your digestive tract and intimate areas. The active constituent, polygodial, is what gives Horopito not only it’s hot and peppery taste but also its amazing ability to support your gut health and intimate areas. We love that Horopito works with our beautiful bodies, so that it can naturally keep sneaky infections and irritations in balance. 

Remember when we balance our gut health, we are also caring for our intimate areas!

TIP: Taking a daily horopito supplement plus eating a nutrient-dense wholefood diet, will keep your blood sugars in balance, nourish your gut health and ultimately support your sexual wellness.  

Here at Kolorex, we want everybody to feel confident with their intimate health, by understanding their unique and beautiful bodies. Many people don’t realise their body is talking to them through discharge, odour and irritations. This is actually vital feedback for us - essentially telling us that our intimate areas and most likely our gut health needs some TLC. 

Combining our three-step routine with our sustainably grown Horopito products, creates a synergistic and powerful combination that cleanses, soothes and balances your intimate health from the inside-out, so you not only feel great in your body but look radiant down there.

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