Chloe Chivers - Health Expert at Kolorex

Meet Chloe Chivers – our health expert at Kolorex

Our in-house health advisor, Chloe Chivers, is an Australian qualified Naturopath. She also runs her own practice and specialises in women’s health. Here she talks about vaginal health, answering some of those questions we’ve all been too embarrassed to ask.

Chloe Chivers - Kolorex Health Expert


What’s your background and your role at Kolorex?

I am an Australian-qualified naturopath working in-house at Kolorex. I am here to help the team answer customer queries about health and wellness, particularly vaginal health. And naturally, I’m also here to answer questions about our Horopito-based products.

My interests lie in reproductive health, hormones, immunity and gut health. Through my clinical practice, I advise clients on herbal medicine, whole-food nutrition, menstrual cycle and fertility awareness, and lifestyle changes.

I’m particularly passionate about helping women increase their knowledge of vaginal care. For example, one issue I talk a lot about is candida — the fungal infection more commonly known as thrush.

I see many women at my clinic who suffer from reoccurring thrush who are really struggling to understand what causes it. And I love that I can help them regain control. This can be as simple as diet or lifestyle changes, but I also look at what natural alternatives are available to support them.

How did Kolorex begin?

Kolorex began in 1985 with a mission to bring the amazing properties of the Horopito plant to the world. As we began developing our products, it wasn’t long before we realised this hero herb could be utilised to help women feel confident and comfortable in their bodies. We noticed ongoing poor vaginal health was creating discomfort and relationship issues, which was heavily impacting women’s self-confidence. In the decades since, Kolorex has dedicated its time and research to fine-tuning products that help women care for – and love – their vaginas. We give them the empowerment they so rightly deserve.

What are some of the health benefits of Horopito?

Backed by 30 years of research, Horopito is the hero herb behind the Kolorex product range. Hailing from New Zealand’s rainforests, this superstar plant has long been known in Indigenous Maori communities. Over millions of years, the plant has developed a unique ability for surviving in damp, dark conditions — warding off any unwanted forest fungi that thrive in these environments. Our founder, Peter Butler, stumbled across it while researching traditional New Zealand plants and instantly saw the benefits it could provide for vaginal care.

How do you farm Horopito?

At Kolorex, we’re sustainability focused. Our farm is surrounded by pristine rainforest and from seed to plant, we use environmentally-friendly methods for growing, caring and harvesting our crops. When it comes to extracting the plant’s active ingredients, we perform ‘supercritical carbon dioxide extraction’ — a process that’s clean, pure and free from chemicals. But our sustainable practices don’t end there. We combine our Horopito extract with hand-selected environmentally-friendly raw ingredients to create our gentle, soothing range of creams and washes.

Who should use Kolorex products?

Kolorex is for those who are looking for natural, alternative options for vaginal care. Our creams and washes have been developed for the sensitive skin of the vulva and are dermatologically approved. Containing a unique blend of aloe vera, tea tree oil and Horopito, our pH-balanced products soothe delicate skin and leave it looking and feeling healthy. Our Vaginal Care Wash is certified natural by Eco-Cert and gentle enough to be used every day if required. Our herbal supplements are formulated with the power of Horopito to help balance and support both vaginal and gut microflora.  Often these areas can become unbalanced and horopito can lend a hand to finding that happy balance again.

You have a great blog post on your website that talks about giving vaginas a voice. Why do we need to talk about our vaginas more?

Society tends to avoid conversations surrounding vaginal health. For the sake of women’s comfort, understanding, wellbeing and long-term health, we need to talk more about our vaginas. Breaking the taboo will also empower women to be more in tune with their bodies — and banish those feelings of embarrassment or shame. At Kolorex, we believe everyone has a role to play when it comes to amplifying and destigmatising the subject. And we’re happy to help lead the way.


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